Monday, July 30, 2007

For Dr. Marcovitz

How I met and/or exceeded the project guidelines for Web 2.0:
  1. A blog is created with a welcome message by the 2nd of the semester: The welcome message was up and completed before the end of the firs class.
  2. At least two entries are made for each of three Web 2.0 technologies: As you can see I have chose blogging, podcasts, and social networks as my technologies to view. I have included 3 posts on blogging, 5 posts on podcasts, 6 posts on social networks, and I even included an interesting post on vodcasting using TeacherTube.
  3. Each technology is discussed in terms of its technical features and educational uses: Each technology is discussed fully in how it will work best in the classroom, and I have also included links to articles, and teacher forums about the different technologies. I also discussed how and when things worked well and when it didn't.
  4. The blog is open to everyone to read, and you can choose how to handle comments: The blog is open to everyone, and I have even received outside comments. For now comments are allowed.
  5. An example of your use of each technology is linked from the blog: For my blog example I obviously have this blog, but also included a link to how a fellow AP teacher uses blogs. For the first time ever, I made my own podcast on how I would use podcasting in the classroom. And for the social networking technology I was created my a Facebook & Myspace page to see what resources could be used in the classroom.
  6. At least two helpful external resources for each technology are linked from the blog : As you can see in the post itself I have included links to information and sample items for each technology. On the side of the blog I have included websites that I thought were of interest to do the different topics discussed.
  7. A link is made to each of your classmates blogs : As you can see I included all of my classmates blogs as well as a link to Loyola.
  8. Correct grammar, spelling, and usage is used throughout the blog: Spell check was used for each post, and as I found errors I was able to go back and edit the post.

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