Monday, July 30, 2007

Say No to Myspace for Education

So in the advent of trying to use social networking sites as an educational tool I moved from Facebook to Myspace, and the consensus is - Myspace would not work well in the classroom.
Here is a link to the Myspace site I created.
Compared to Facebook it lacked some of the on site options. In Myspace you could do polls and add other program features but it seemed to always bring you off site. In Facebook most of it was on the individual homepage. As far as the 2008 election, more of the Republicans seem to have their information on Myspace rather than Facebook, so there was a variety of candidates. Some of the candidates did have videos and pictures and blogs but all these things were found on Facebook and seemed to be better placed. I think I would leave Myspace for just social networking. I don't feel it could be used as well as Facebook and with all the taboo following Myspace, Facebook seems a better choice.

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