Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Podcast Example

I created my first podcast! This podcast explains how I would use podcasts in my classroom, and it also contains some cool island music in the beginning.

FYI - If you try and just open the file, it seems to not work. However if you save it and then open it should work. Let me know if anyone has any problems.

Podcasts in the Classroom

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Susan said...

Congratulations on your first podcast! It worked just fine for me when I clicked on it, didn't need to download it first.

You mention great uses for a teacher podcast. One you didn't mention is transparency. If your students can access the podcast, so can your admin, the parents of your students, etc. It makes your curriculum more transparent which can be scary but also very good. Have you heard of Vicki Davis? Last spring she was podcasting and posting every class period. You may want to check out her Cool Cat Teacher blog.